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    Unhappy DIY#4 Bridge, a bit of disappointment

    Trying to push the weight down from the 18oz of DIY#3.

    Single layer 1.6oz/sqyd PacificTech polyester taffeta, Endura-12 suspension throughout, including arcs, and slightly smaller dimensions.

    Some good. Some bad.
    Luckily I didn't cut my remaining CF tube for the spreaders and mocked this up with 0.625" aluminum spreaders.

    Tree huggers + Elephant Trunks: 3.6oz
    Hammock + suspension: 5.7oz
    Spreaders 9.7oz (but if I had used my CF tubes, estimated 3.7oz similar to DIY#3)

    Total weight as is: 19oz
    If used with CF spreaders: ~13oz

    Length: 84"
    Head width: 46"
    Head Spreader: 40"
    Head ratio: 1.15
    Arc depth: 6"
    Foot width: 36"
    Foot Spreader: 27"
    Foot ratio: 1.33

    From foot end:

    From head end:

    From left side (head to the right of pict):

    1) Endura-12 worked just as well as Dynaglide. Bounced a bit and no problems for my weight (~190#). Seemed easier to splice (to me) than Dynaglide, presumably due to softer feel and different coating.
    2) A single layer of 1.6oz/yd polyester seems to hold my weight fine.
    3) Using Endura-12 for the side arcs worked reasonably fine. Left 1" extra fabric on each side. Folded and hemmed to make a channel. Measured Endura-12 (a bit tricky given the curve and loss of length with splicing), spliced fixed eyes on both ends and threaded through channel. Then double rolled the channel/cord and double sewed through the cord. Overall probably saved ~2oz compared to 3/8" webbing.

    1) Too narrow! I wouldn't have thought changing the head end from 48" to 46" would make that much difference, especially as I kept the head ratio the same at 1.15, but there was definitely a slight confining feeling at the shoulders. This was mitigated by the use of the pad, but...
    2) With the smaller head and foot dimensions, the waist turned out to be only 27.75". A bit narrower than I think is comfortable. Maybe in addition to going back to the widths of DIY#3, I'll also try a 5" arc depth.
    3) The length of 84" was fine, but I think I like the extra 2" that I had on DIY#3. Purely subjective.
    4) I miss the pad pocket. The single layer would be fine if one was to use an UQ, but with the pad there was just a little slipping around. Maybe a few pad retention strips rather than a full pad pocket. Hmmm...

    Well, back to the drawing board.
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