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    Byers Mosquito Hammock

    I'm have began to be royally frustrated over the Byer's Mosquito Hammock.

    I've been assisting a friend going camping Saturday with an under quilt. I've taken one of my $10 Wal-Mart sleeping bags and made him a UQ.

    He is running into issues getting it to sit correctly under the hammock. Most of these issues are due to the way they use these small lines between the hammock and the attachment loop. I've not been over to his house to help him and may go over there tonight and see if we can figure this thing out. I'm hoping some folks here that have this hammock can provide me with suggestions on getting the UQ to lay correctly under it without deforming the lay of the hammock. One issue could be that that sleeping bag weighs about 3lbs.


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    No replies so maybe not many have this hammock.

    I visited my friend last night and he had devised a solution. Not sure I'm happy with it because he used a spreader bar to make it spread out.

    Here is pic
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    I don't own this hammock but did search the forum and came across this thread

    I hope it helps...

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