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    SOLD: The great camo hammock gear sell-off

    When I started getting into hammocking I wanted an all camo setup. I'm now looking to sell an entire camo setup.

    First up...

    AHE KAQ Lost River 2/3 underquilt. Rated at 30* 17oz. Woodland Camo outer with grey inner. Used 6 nights. $95 conus shipping.***SOLD***

    AHE KAQ Owyhee top quilt. Long length. 30* 1lb 15oz. Woodland Camo outer with black inner. Used 10 nights. $145 conus shipping.

    Claytor Diamond Tarp with JRB STL's and ridgeline tie outs. $48 conus shipping.***SOLD***

    Grand Trunk Ultralight. Woodland Camo. No suspension $12 conus shipping. ***SOLD***

    JRB hammock suspension system. From JRB's website. This is a complete Whoopie Sling based Hammock Suspension System. The effective length of each end is 12 feet. The set consists of a pair of 60" long, 1" wide Tree Saver Straps (2.4 oz.), a pair of 6' long Whoopie Slings (1.4 oz.), a pair of Dutch Biners (0.7 oz.), a pair of 12" long Utility Loops (0.4 oz.), and a complimentary pair of 1" Dutch Clips (0.85 oz.)
    I traded out the 60" tree straps for a pair of 72" pair of AHE woodland camo tree straps $35 conus shipping***SOLD***

    Driducks poncho with JRB weathershield mod. Green. Has one spot that isn't quite a pin hole that i repaired with a piece of duct tape on the inside. $25 conus shipping.

    AHE dynaglide adjustable ridgeline. Light green. $10 conus shipping.***SOLD***

    Hennessy Hammock #4 snakeskins. $10 conus shipping***SOLD***

    Paypal payment only. Please PM me if you would like further details or pics.
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