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    just as an alternative to holes and bolts (no problem with them but they're obviously fixed locations) I bought/use "C clamps" - at least that's what they're called over here.

    They don't damage the beam at all (though our flooring - in this house - is 8"x2") and can be moved really easily if the space the hammock's in gets used for more 'man stuff'! or can add another set in minutes if one of the kids feels like accompanying me.

    I use short webbing loops through them, and then climbing carabiners to clip the whoopies into.


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    I am not sure about the downward load on a I bolt but I do use them in a spare bedroom.I just used a stud finder to find the center of the studs in the walls. Then I drilled a pilot hole so the wood won't split. Then I used lag/or screw thread I bolts and i made sure to tighten them all the way down to the stud where the I is flush with the wall... I am 185 and have not had any problem with it...
    Here is a couple of shots of the set up.. It's very simple...

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