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    Very cool principle! One question: I've been playing with some small stuff here for about 5 minutes, and I am failing to see how a bowline can invert. I tried it with the tail inside the loop and out, and unless the tail was loaded, and the knot very loose (read: not dressed), it wouldn't do anything but tighten the knot. I is confuzzed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuckerFactor View Post a bowline can invert. ...I is confuzzed!
    There is one circumstance where I have seen them fall apart, and one where Mors said that he has seen them invert.

    When a bowline is tied underneath a lobster buoy, such that rising and falling of the waves makes the knot tighten, then go slack, over and over... that will result in the knot falling apart. The first step in falling apart is to invert.

    Mors said that if a bowline is tied in a loop around a horse neck, and the animal freaks out, it will yank and yank on the line until the bowline inverts. It then becomes a slip knot, and chokes the horse.

    I believe it is a steady, heavy load that will make a bowline become a knife knot. OTOH, it is a yanking load that will cause it to invert. I suspect that it is the slackening of the knot that allows it to invert.

    As for how to demonstrate the inversion of a bowline, I have no advice.

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    From someone much more knot-savvy than I: "If you happen to snag [a bowline] so that the tail and the right leg of the loop are yanked hard in opposite directions, the structures may not be stable enough to resist deformation. The bight can straighten out and disappear and the hitch that circles the bight can be transformed into a slip knot. If the knot is deformed in this way, the hitch will no longer have either squeezing power or anything to squeeze against. It will not be able to create enough friction to hold the knot together and can be easily stripped off." ---chockstone

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