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Height + 4' + seam allowances, seems to be a standard acceptable length.
Almost all the hammocks sold are in the 10' range. And most folks are at or near 6'.

Longer can be more comfy, but also consider that your tarp will need to be longer, and pack weight/bulk will be more. So theres a trade off.
Wow gargoyle check this out. I used the sheet bend to dial in the right length. Gave my self some seam allowance, and sewed a new channel / rolled hem. whipped the ends hung it up and measured. Now I said I am between 5'5" and 5'7" in height. The hammock turned out to feel right (without measuring) at 116" which is right at my height plus 4 feet. I guess this time, Its just meant to be. Im gonna go take a nap..