Hey guys,

I recently returned from a self-supported 14 day cycling tour along the pacific coast. I spent all 14 nights in my REI Quarterdome T2 (4.5 lbs packed) tent but kinda of longed for something that packs smaller, is lighter and offers a quicker setup.

I purchased a HH Expedition A-sym w/ snake skin probably 5+ years ago. I've never used it mainly because the setup weighs 3.25lbs. I can't really justify the hammock for a 1.25lbs weight savings. Sooo, I was looking at the Ultralight/Hyperlight models as well as the Warbonnet offerings for the weight saving and compactness but I thought I would see if there is anything I can do to lighten up my existing hammock.

My question is, how much weight can I save with the Expedition A-sym by switching over to whoopie slings? It seems like the the stock suspending rope is a little chunky.

Is it even worth it or should I just sell it and get a lighter model? (Btw, I'm 155lbs 5'9")