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    Quote Originally Posted by theriddler View Post
    pardon the ignorance but im guessing a poncho liner isnt just a poncho?
    you're guessing right!!!
    A poncho "liner" is a military blanket with strings attached all along the sides so you can tie it to the "poncho". I've got several and use them in all kinds of different configuations on my hammock. I've got one that I've added channels to and shockcord and that functions as an UQ. I've got another that I'll tie over my bug netting and use as a wind shield when I'm camping in freezing (and lower) temps. I've used another inside my hammock for additional insulation around my feet. I like these "liners" but I only carry them when "car" camping with my truck near-by. They do add up in weight, so I never use them when backpacking.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TinaLouise View Post
    First, I want to know where you found a poncho liner for $6 The cheapest I've found them is used for $16 and I thought that was real cheap.

    check out Leigh's quilts, she has a 48" length 20 degree quilt for $150

    With a shorter quilt, you will be needing to put a small pad under your feet and use something under your head. Or just move up to a 60" length and probably only need something under your head.

    Adding more layers under your hammock does lower the temps that you'll be comfortable in. You just have to be carefull when you add these layers that you don't end up squishing the other layers. It's really a matter of testing and testing and testing!! Also adding more layers also adds more weight which depending on the situation might not be something that you can do. Everyone is different and everyone needs to figure out what will and will not work for them. Again, that's where testing comes into play

    Thank you TinaLouise for the great reply. And I missed the 1, I meant to write 16 - couple of beers that night Maybe I should go with a full for my first UQ. I have been seeing this new girl who can sew (she may hate that fact soon after I bombard her with requests lol) - I have an old down quilt that I used in my bed...asked her to sew it in to a hammock UQ (and she said "A what now?"). I need to look up here on the forums how to do that exactly. But it may be a great idea for me for now while I am broke and still in testing phase...then I will ultimately be in the best position to make a good decision when I finally have the cash to purchase one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theriddler View Post
    disclaimer: i am a noob.

    I'v hung a few times in the low 30's with just my 20 degree bag, and most recently with a fleece/nylon blanket under me. I'v been cold, but slept. I don't want to revert back to tents now that its getting chilly, but I'm on a typical college student's shoestring budget. Just wondering what the cheap options are in the UQ market?...or if somebody wants to hook me up with a used piece of gear thatd be suhweet too
    What kind of 20F bag and what kind of hammock? Short on $ ? See if you can mod/rig your bag to be used as a Pod, wrapped completely around your hammock. If you bag is pretty big, and you can get the net out of the way and under your ridge line if you have one, it should be quite doable.

    See post #8 here:

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    Add an undercover from 2QZQ and make some Garlington Insulators.

    Or, use a CCF pad. Not the most comfortable, but the best cost/weigh/warmth ratio. Look for a 24"-26" pad like the ones sold at Walmart or Big 5 (if you live in the west), or get the Gossomer Gear Thinlite wide pad

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