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    The Coleman pad appears to be

    similar to Ethafoam, an inexpensive but very light foam commonly used for packing. It makes for a hard ground pad, but should work well for hammock insulation.

    The more expensive blue pads (WalMart and REI) are softer and more conformable. I believe they have a higher R-value than ethafoam as well.

    Open cell foam is sponge-like: It will absorbwater readily, and takes some time to fry. Closed cell may have surface cells that appear to be "open", but in reality are just a portion of a gas-blown bubble that was cut during manufacture.


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    Cogbill - Don't sweat the "it's wrong" issue. You are doing your research well and you will find that your kit will eventually be one that you are proud of. Don't try to gear up all at once and in a hurry. Most of the folks on this board have been accumulating their stuff over several years. We try things and some work and some don't. When things don't work out we just have another story to embellish about the horrible trip to Leech Haven State Park or the freaking coldest wettest night we ever spent on the trail. Sh...I mean caca happens...

    I'm well into my 50's and we used to use equipment that you guys would be astounded about. Backpacking with 45-50 pounds was quite common. We wore heavy steel shank mountain boots and blue jeans that weighed 12 pounds in the rain. We even had canvas tents. You will be fine on your Thursday trip. Have fun and enjoy it.

    As you are able to pick up gear, do it. Maybe take a sewing class at school and you can make your own stuff. The school probably would allow you to use a sewing machine after you learn how to use it. College provides far more resources than most students know. We oldsters wish we had the chance to go back and use those resources. You should just ask. The worst that can happen is someone says No. Of course, then you just go ask someone else.

    Your questions on this board are good ones and we can give you a lot of help. But I bet you could get more concrete help (and maybe an equipment loan or CHEAP rental) from the REC staff.

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    In theory open cell foam is very warm.. remember moon boots from the 80's? But you'd have to use it like an under quilt rather than like a traditional pad.
    Check out this place making Foam Clothing I wouldn't mind trying a pair of their pants, just to see how they work.
    Good luck,

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