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    Funny true childrens halloween hammock story

    I know it passed but I been busy, I blame school

    But, about a week before Halloween we were having a few folks over for some brewskies and football. The leaves have been off the trees up here for a few weeks and jack-o-lanterns were out for the season. Very much looking like late fall/winter. We had an ENO hanging from the backyard apple tree and our friends daughter Emma (Id say around 6 or 7) was outside with us at one point. It was dark out, probably around 10 - 11 o'clock. The tree was a dark shadow in the backyard and hanging from it is a lifeless hammock silhouette, swaying in the wind. Emma's curiosity got the best of her, "What is that?", she asks with her shy mannerisms. "That is a hammock Emma, do you want to lay in it? It is really comfortable", says I. Then she stared at it for about 30 seconds, and said "Noooo it looks scary over there!", and ran to her moms leg and grasped it. Hahaha, kids!
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    was it a double? mom and she could both sway in it. lol

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