I'm putting thus under the DIY forum, because I think that is the closest fit.

While at the supermarket today with my wife, I saw the SacSoc on display for about $4 ($3.99 I think).

My immediate thought was that it would make a great stuff sack, especially for those who like double ended stuff sacks. I have a few and like the double ended form very much. Just so handy.

In examining the SacSoc, I saw that it could possibly be used "as is" or with just a very little work modified to make it even better. The modifications would require no sewing skills beyond opening a few stitches, maybe about 1" on each end.

As is, the SacSoc uses elastic in a channel on each end. The elastic could be removed and replaced with guy line cord and cord locks very easily. Just open the channel seam about 1", cut the elastic and pull it free. Then thread guy line cord through the channel, add a cord lock and you have a double ended stuff sack. The fabric isn't the lightest, but for about $4, it is the least expensive double ended stuff sack on the market. You would probably pay more for the fabric for DIYing the sac.

If anybody wants to try this, I would suggest a very little hand sewing to reinforce the ends of the stitch lines where you opened the stitches on the channels. That would be the full extent of the sewing needed.