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    Hanging in the Adirondacks

    I picked the weekend of November 5th for my first cold weather hang in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

    A friend and I decided we needed to get some fresh air, and popped my canoe and a bunch of gear in a lake for a short paddle to a secluded camp site.

    The weather was awesome with the robin's egg blue skies that we see so rarely here in the east. Daytime temps near 40* and nights in the 20*s.

    Our agenda consisted of relaxation, food and beer (ahhh...the joys of canoe camping!) My home-made chili and pulled pork tasted absolutely delicious with Saranac beer at the campsite. Yum.

    It was my first cold weather hang, and I had the joy of trying out my new OES 4 season tarp as well as a Hammock Gear Incubator. Both worked beautifully and kept me warm and protected from the cold. I slept like a baby in the hammock and had no aches and pains like when sleeping on the ground. What a joy to get a great night's sleep!

    One thing we hadn't planned on was the lake freezing! Yep. Below freezing nights with a wind are a recipe for a frozen lake. It was quite an adventure chopping our way through the ice with the paddle. One that we won't soon forget!

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    Nice! Where did you go?

    I will be up there this weekend, Fri-Sun.

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