Mustardman, Thanks for the info. I should of been more specific. It will be a dual purpose tarp. I live in New Mexico at 7500 ft ele, the weather is smooth in June/ July sometimes. It can really get windy and heavy rain. When you go up in ele the temp changes from night to night. I will try and do some solo backpacking at high elevations, with a few car camping trips. Bugs are not really a problem unless your near water, then they thrive because it is the only water around. High desert and all.
As for the bug net was wondering if I should spent the REI money on that and then save for a good "hex" tarp? What size is good? I know you cannot cover everything, but saw a youtube video with a guy sleeping in a down pour and also a lot of Ray Mears videos on tarp setup. Just stuck and trying not to waste to much on something that I may change right off the bat. Thank you again.