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    i like my HH
    no preference(yet)
    pad and bag
    what came/w the HH
    A simple straight stich is easy to do, quick, and covers alot of distance very quickly. I usually find myself sewing things by hand and usually use this type of stitch. i also use wip stitches on edges. I used the straight stitch when making two canvas bakers tents. like I said it quick and simple. even with the size of the bakers tents, it only took a couple of days to complete my tent.

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    Hand stitching is far more versatile than machine stitching. For one thing it has been around longer. But do yourself a favor if this is the route you take and invest in some simple hand sewing books. The type of stitch you use is really important to the application and the result you want to achieve. Straight stitches are easy and fast but they will slip and bunch and are not overly stable under use. Reverse stitches are strong and stable but slower and harder to do with the equivalent appearance. There are stitches for closing openings and stitches for reinforcing openings. A draw stitch will seal in compressed stuffing and a buttonhole stitch will make a slit in the fabric stay open without fear of fraying. Hand stitching is a lot like knots. It takes time to learn them but once you do you can do almost anything you set your mind to. Sometimes a good hand stitch will out perform a machine stitch with almost no added time or effort.

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    Or you can do what I did, buy one at a thrift store. $20, and I was on my way.

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