I originally posted this in response to my question in the suspension system section, but thought it belongs in the DIY section.

This is a 8 foot long bridge made from denim and medium weight cotton. I wanted to make sure my tall and "big boned" friends could use it. I choose 8 foot because that was the length of the denim. If I make a another one it will be tailored to my height and use lightweight material.

This is a lesson for those who are going to use two different pieces of fabric, limited sewing skills and even less planning. the first photo is of the two different layers of fabric. A medium weight cotton, an old futon cover, and a heavy denim material. First off, the two fabrics act different. This is something I didn't think about until it was to late. The denim didn't stretch the cotton did.

IMG_3448 by pappy2012, on Flickr

IMG_3449 by pappy2012, on Flickr
My first stitch was to make the sealed edge at the foot end. I'm a novice at sewing so my lines weren't strait but they got the job done. You'll notice that the cotton and denim fabric appear to be two different lengths and thats because they are two different lengths. the two different lengths was not what I planned on.

After I sealed the bottom edges I wanted to make the two pieces one. No picture provide. I measured the two pieces at the same time, cotton on top denim on bottom. the Denim is 8ft long and the cotton is just a inch or so shorter. I think thats because of the stretch of the fabric. I Think the only problem will be aesthetically. to combine the two pieces I put the outside of the fabric against each other sewed a line then flipped right side out and then sewed another line.

IMG_3450 by pappy2012, on Flickr

This next photo (above) is from the curve edge of the hammock. As you can see my sticking is improving and it was easy to track the edge. Actually it was only easy until about half way down the edge.

IMG_3451 by pappy2012, on Flickr

This next photo shows how the cotton fabric starting acting weird and wanted to pull away from the curve of the denim. I figured this was do to curve of the fabric, the types of material, and my lack of experience with sewing. Whatever the reason was it was very frustrating to go from nice clean edges to unkept and unruly.

My next step will be to sew channels along the curve for the amsteel. After posting this thread I discovered the article about the dual mode hammock and decided to sew on loops made from webbing at the ends to attach the rope to the hammock.

overall I'm happy with this project thus far. Its really my first time at sewing something so large and working with two different types of material. I'll post more as the project unravels. The first hang will be very rewarding.