So here it is! My daughter's first hammock. Thank you to all of those who provided input and helped me in the process.

The supplies were gathered at Jo Ann's and the suspension is the WB webbing suspension off of my WBBB. I am upgrading my WBBB to whoopies. The SRL is zing-it and the funny loop in the middle is an alpine butterfly knot. THat is in there to take up some room as I fiddle with the RL length. The UQ is my version of a FrankeinQuilt that I made from a sleeping bag. It is about 1/2 length for me, but it make a great full length UQ for her. The UQ is a little big width wise, so it sags, but I will fix that later. And, I made her the hat as well from a pattern that I found here on HF. The zebra stripes matches some of her mom's winter gear. Let me know what you guys think.