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    Quote Originally Posted by streamline View Post
    I read in a thread here that people roll hem the noseeum, I had problems with this, the feed feet were damaging the fabric.

    I know this is a ghetto fix but I had some marker layout paper from college still hanging around, why do we keep things for 10 years lol. I cut a strip of it and laid it down under the fabric. This was the easiest sewing I have done yet because of the paper. I will not work with noseeum again without the paper. It fed great and made it very easy to see what I was doing, and then it tore right off. I may try this with some silnylon I will be working with soon, might prevent the bunching of the slick fabric.
    Great idea. I might have to try this for a complicated project I am starting using silnylon.

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    Nice finds. I like tinkering and got a lot of extra noseeum for a bug net and baffle material for some diy projects I have in the works. I will get tired of working with these soon enough, nature of the beast. But they are helping me keep my sewing skills in check.

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