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    my first diy whoopies!

    found a local supplier of amsteel(not cheap .85 a foot) and made my first whoopie slings. now after working with this stuff, i think i can trust it.

    i used a bowline on the fixed end and used a wire coat hanger with the line taped to it on the end to feed it through. i had to put a lil bit of tape on the front end of the wire just so it wouldn't grab inside the rope. slick!

    anyway, i was thinkin'. why is it that peeps seem to use a whoopie at both ends? since i was using straps and rings before and those, in itself, are pretty adjustable, i was thinking i could just use a fixed amsteel line(no adjustment) on the martin spike hitch on one end and a whoopie on the other. since you would be hangin from your martin spike hitches pretty close to your sweet spot, isn't the adjustment minute? i would prob hang it pretty level with the whoopie on the foot end so any adjustment up would raise my feet, keeping the center of gravity toward the head.

    then again, i'm a noob and prob not making any sense.

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    Why double whoopie?

    Nicely done! I sure had my doubts at first during making my set of whoopies.

    It's an interesting question. The experts here will know more, but one thought I had is that maybe it helps when you're wanting to center the hammock under the tarp better. You can also adjust to get that perfect sag with small adjustments at either end.

    Two whoopies also give you a larger variable distance between tress. You might get lucky to have two trees the perfect distance apart, and you could likely make do with just webbing. But sometimes your hanging site might have a limited selection of trees that are wider apart.
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