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    VIDEO: The Hennessy Hammock

    I was lucky enough to be able to borrow a Hennessy Expedition and try it out. It is a comfortable hammock even though it was a little small for me. With the holiday sale at Hennessy going on, I was excited to see if they are the Hammock for me.

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    Hey Arson Bluejeans here up in Muncie. After watching your video and the numerous questions/frustrations you mentioned I was curious to how long have you been on this forum?
    I have been using the Hennessy Deep Jungle side zip, which deep jungle is a poor choic of names as it is just a double layer hammock that allows one to insert a mattress pad or other insulation into a separate envelope so it doesn't interfere with you while in the hammock. The sidemzip eliminates the issue of sleeping bag getting in the way of your entrance or interfering with a bottom quilt. Side zips rock! I have dropped the asym tarp and use a HG cuben fiber tarp with an independent ridge line which eliminates the hassles of keeping the tarp taut while yournin the hammock. I have also dropped the Hennessy suspension and the laborious figure eight knots for Whoopie slings which provide quicker set up and far easier adjustments allowing you to easily tune to feet elevated or lower then your head etc. I have used this set up and have found it far superior to my old groundmdwelling days.
    So, initially hammocks do have a steeper learning curve vs tents but once you have it dialed in to meet your needs they beat tents hands down as far as convenience and far superior for comfort.
    Would be happy to meet and demonstrated my system if you are interested. Warbonnets are awesome hammocks and given what I know now I would purchase one without hesitation along with my Hammock Gear Cuben tarp and Phoenix UQ along with Whoopie slings.
    Send me a PM if you have questions etc.

    Ok just looked at your stats and it looks like you have been a hanger for awhile so I guess your questions on the video lead me to believe you were new to hammocks so excuse some of my wording.
    Be well

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    Great video arson. Tarps are one of the reasons I still grab a tent on occasion when I don't want to fiddle with my set up. I've used a bridge a eno and blackbird and am still on the hunt for my perfect hammock.
    "The only rule to survivialin is NEVER GIVE UP"

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