Hi. So after seeing this I would really like to do it for my camping trips. For a long time I have been researching some kind of jeep camper which is space saving, lightweight, easy to set up, comfortable and cheap. This is all of them. What I am looking for is advice on which method i should use to make a hammock for this purpose. I am under 6 foot and I have not measured the distance from corner to corner yet but how do I work out how long to make my hammock? I do not have a centre console to worry about so there shouldnt be a lot of clearance issue but if I can keep it nice and high and flat it would be much better. If I could fit a camp box underneath me with a fridge on top it would be great. I was thinking something similiar to a bridge hammock might suit since they do not sag too much and it keeps my laying flat. But I guess you guys are the experts so what would be recomended for this setup?
For suspension i was planning on just have soft straps around the roll bad similiar to grap handles and putting hooks on the hammock so i can leave one end hooked on and just pull it to the other end and go to sleep.
Any thoughts?