Spent the last two days (Fri & Sat) volunteering with a work crew rebuilding and rehabilitating old 1930s CCC-built trail on the north side of Frozen Head State Park near Petros, Tennessee. Somehow, our leader found just where the old trail went and flagged it. We came behind and re-dug it with mattocks and fire rakes. I estimate we did a little less than a mile the two days I was there, but made it all the way down the mountain, with numerous switchbacks.

We had a base camp on top of a mountain at the end of an old 5 or 6-mile rough gravel coal mining road. I hung in my hammock and one young guy did too. The rest of the crew (many of them anyway) are out for seven days total. I only had two days.

Was hard work, but a lot of fun too. I plan to do it again some time. Here's a link to a photo album. All pics have captions, which are my trip report.
Cumberland Trail -Frozen Head State Park trail building.

Rain Man