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    Sweet deal

    How's it going? New to the forum, old to hammocks. I have had hammocks for years now, and just found your forum a while back. I started out with a generic nylon hammock and a Kelty Noah's Tarp great when there aren't any skeeters. Next I bought a Byer's Moskito Hammock , it doesn't work well. Then, this month I found a Hennesy Hammock Expedition Asym Classic on sale for $80 at a store by Seneca Lake. It even came with Snake Skins. The price was right so I snagged it without any research. I set it up once and it looks nice. How easy is pad and sleeping bag use? It appears that it might be a struggle. I was camping a couple of weeks ago with the Scouts and it was in the upper 20's. No sweat with a blue pad and a zero degree bag. Both are no problem with my old school setup as it is wide open from the top. I am pumped to try it out ASAP...........cabin fever has set in already.

    Tom C.

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    I have the HH Expedition asym and a pad sleeping bag is do-able. It does take a little work at first to get in and move the pad to where you want it but once you get used to it it's good. I really like the bottom entry of the HH, real easy for putting boots on in the morning.

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    I had a hennessy, thought it was a nice hammock. I like the thicker material that it's made with. What I didn't like was that during the summer, when it's so hot here that you can almost fry an egg on top of the tarp, if I removed my UQ, I then got bit by the skeeters! Those critters can bite right through the bottom layer!! I tried permethian (might have misspelled that word) sprayed on the bottom and that does work pretty good. I eventually sold this hammock to another scouter and he uses a pad inside it. This was a side zip Asym hennessy. I think an Expedition??


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