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    Help save a Marmot.......Pinnacle!

    I need some down for an under quilt I am in the process of making. I have a Marmot Pinnacle that is 3-4 years old that doesn't get used and I am considering harvesting its 800fp down. It really is a very nice bag and I would rather sell it to someone who could use it and purchase some down separately.

    Vital stats:
    - Regular size - fits to 6'
    - 2lbs 10 1/8oz
    - Right zip
    - Always stored loosely in a large cotton sack
    - From a non-smoking, no pets home
    - I am the second owner, the first owner bought it at an REI scratch and dent sale, so the 'M' symbol on the hood has an X through it so it cannot be returned to REI
    - No stains, tears or holes
    - No stuff or storage sack comes with it, I need them for my new down UQ!
    - Painstakingly washed yesterday in the bath tub with Nikwax Down Wash, rinsed four times and fluffed dry for 7 hours in a large dryer

    I've attached a few pics. The first is two Pinnacles side-by-side. The one on the left is the one that needs saving. The one on the right is from 2011. You can see that the older bag has as much, if not more loft than the brand new one!

    Asking $180 shipped CONUS.
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