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    I originally did this for an UQ, but could be flipped over for a TQ as well.

    -First I marked out a cross pattern on the bottom of the military MSS patrol bag

    -Then I did a heavy stitch a couple of times going around the marked pattern

    - Cut it out close to the stiching.

    - Finished it with some grosgrain and put loops on it for shockcord.

    If I did it again, I'd make the cross pattern larger to let it slide down further on the hammock.

    Also, if using a structural ridgeline, it needs to be detactchable to have the bag only go over the hammock and you, not all of that AND the ridgeline.
    See pics below.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I am also going to attempt to make an UQ kinda like this. I have an old army issue down sleeping bag i inherited with eyelets for shockcord the whole length of the opening. I had thought about sacrificing it and just completely taking out the zipper and slicing the footbox. But the hole in the end with velcro to seal it back seems like a better idea

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