Well I put an ad on here looking for two sets of Dutch Clips and the Man himself answered me. He hooked me up with what I needed. I jokingly told him that My Eleven year old said we had a deal if he would sign his set. My some wants to be an inventor when he grows up and thinks that Dutch is ultra cool because of the stuff he makes and the fact that he is the worlds greatest Backpacker. He also likes Hawkeye and Shug, He will watch them and read their posts here when ever he is here (I get him every other weekend). So in the mail today I got a Dutch wares package and when I opened it up there were two sets of Dutch Clips. But what was the coolest thing was that ONE OF THE Dutch clips was engraved on one side saying TO LITTLEBOGG and on the other PEACE DUTCH. Now I ask you how cool that is. Littlebogg is at his Momís this week but I will see him at his Scout meeting tomorrow and I will be taking them with me to show him. Thank you so much Dutch you will be making my little man super happy. And I know this will be one piece of gear he will cherish for a long time to come.