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Not to be so easily discouraged (i.e. hardheaded), I've been trying to find a way around the exit problem.

How about this for a half-baked idea: sew only one side of the headbox triangle to the hammock edge. Then have a hook to attach the other point of the triangle to the hammock edge where it would normally be sewn. Maybe also attach that side of the triangle with the zipper.

Simply unhook the triangle to enter & exit, then re-hook it when inside. Some contorsion would probably be needed to take any stress off that side until it's hooked.

Any bugnet would have to be separate for this to work.

What do you think? Does my imaginary hammock have holes in it? Fire away!
That's not a bad idea... why not use that "door" as an entry/Exit point?

Hook at the top, velcro on the sides.... might work!