So I've been hanging for less than a year now, and almost all in pretty warm weather, using a cheap rectangular bag as a sort of poor excuse for a top quilt. That worked fine, but I just did a test hang in my yard this week with a new 0F Swiss Gear Crevasse mummy bag, and while I was darn toasty, I immediately saw why most people abandon bags pretty quickly in favor of quilts.

The analogies I could come up with to describe my bungling and struggling to get into and out of the bag without getting a face full of dirt (bridge hammock, little tippy ) are not fit for a family forum, but mostly involve higher order primates, mating rituals, and sporting equipment.

But, I've got me an ideer, and I'm looking for some thoughts before I go hacking up my mummy bag.

I'm thinking about removing the zipper and sewing up that edge (the huge draft tube will make that easy). I'll make a long slit down the back of the sleeping bag from about knee height, up to maybe shoulder height, and put a sort of large draft tube that can cover up the slit on the outside (I tend to toss and turn a lot at night, my back may end up exposed).

This should let me pull the bag down on top of me, rather than trying to work it underneath me from the side. It will also let me keep the hood intact, and hopefully get me through the winter until I can get the funds together to work on my modular quilt system.

Any thoughts on whether this might work? I'm half tempted to grab a $15 cheapy youth mummy bag and try it out first.