Last weekend I sewed a pair of 2QZQ's pockets onto my Superfly and using some old fiberglass poles from a long discarded tent I tried out the Pole Mod.
Pole length ended up being 124" and it worked great! Now that I have the length of the pole determined, I want to get aluminum poles from Quest Outfitters to reduce the weight. I am trying to decide on whether to use 7 segments in the 18" range or 9 sections in the 14" range. I would prefer the shorter segments for ease of packing. Will shorter segments tend to make the pole stiffer when bending the arc or is it the opposite? The fiberglass pole is 5/16" and has the perfect stiffness to provide a wide arc which spreads out the tarp quite nicely. Does anyone have any experience comparing the stiffness of fiberglass poles to aluminum?