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    Here's a curveball for ya- Switchback! I tried a WBBB and just didn't find it roomy enough for me. Brandon was great to deal with- and he took it back with just one night's hang on it. The Switchback was a much roomier- and for me comfier- solution. I was immediately more comfortable with the design of the Switchback and have been very happy with my choice. There's no "right" answer- just a right answer for you.

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    I'm not that wide, but I'm long--200# and 6'4". I find that even lying diagonally on a gathered end hammock I still have some definite "upslope" at my head and foot ends. So although not strictly within the letter of this thread, I believe I am within its spirit when I pose two questions:

    1. What is the best way for me to gain some more length and flatness in my diagonal in a gathered end hammock? I figure there are four choices: I could shorten or lengthen my ridgeline, lengthen my hammock, or widen my hammock, but I don't know which would work best.

    2. Is a bridge really a flat lay? I mean, conceptually it is, but is it in reality? Do any tall hangers find that switching to a bridge really did the trick for them?
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