Ya, but the squeeze is only happening on the rear part of the webbing, the opposite side of where the suspension lines are tied to. When you are able to wrap it around the tree with the longer webbing, then pull the webbing taught so that it is esentially "Strangling" the tree, and then tie the suspension on, it will not slip, no way. I'm telling you, it slips without being able to fully wrap around the tree, I wouldn't be lying, lol. I had to make the suspensions lines tighter so that it had a better grip on the trees before I sat in it. If it wasn't, it really didn't grip the trees that good and slid down.

Think of this. Tie a loop in a rope rope that has a bigger diameter then the rod put the loop around. Now if you are pulling perpindicular to the rod, that rope is going to stay put since you are pulling it perpidicular to the rod, its not going to slide up and down. Now if you pull parrellel to the rod, the rope will slide up and down the rod because the loop is larger then the rod and it is not gripping the rod so slides up and down the rod. The same thing is happening with the hammock, even though the tree adds more resistance with the bark, its still happening.
If you were to tie the rope onto the rod with a round turn and two half hitches, it would grip the rod and the rope would stay on the same place on the rod no matter which way you pulled.

The tree that I am having problems with is a hardwood that has bark which is not very grippy, almost smooth.
I need to get longer webbing