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    Lightbulb DIY Double Layer Hammock Idea

    Ok, I've just spent the last 2 hours scanning through search results to see if anyone has talked about this...

    A double-layer, cinch-end hammock: the top layer being 1.1oz ripstop nylon and the bottom being 1.3oz silnylon.

    I'm aware of the concern that the waterproof layer might leave me swimming, so the thought is to create a gap of 2 inches between the layers. The question is what might be the best way to achieve this gap. If you're talking about fairly rigid material, making the bottom layer 2" bigger on all sides should effectively drop the layer down by 2". But what about with flexible material? The layers would be sewn together on the ends and along the middle of the sides for 1/3 of the length.

    The plan is to be able to slip a DIY Insultex pad (4 layers in a 1.1oz RSN shell) between the layers. I anticipate that there will be little-to-no draft, seeing as the water/wind proof qualities of the silnylon will be combined with no open edges. (I expect the access points on the side would naturally be pulled closed) The weight of the pad would help structure the gap and create a "dead air" space that should enhance the overall insulative value of the system.

    So, some specific questions for feedback from folks:

    1. Would I end up wet, even if the only thing touching me is the upper layer?

    2. Would 2" be too much of a gap? not enough?

    3. I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around what the effective gap would be created by adding 2" of material to all sides when the material is hung and lies in a arc. I know the gap would be lost on the sides (and that's OK), but what would the gap look like on the bottom (assuming the pad is in place)?

    4. Would darts be the best way to even spread out the extra material of the lower layer?

    Comments? Thoughts? Questions?

    Mucho Gracias!

    ** on second thought, maybe this should have gone in the "DIY" forum. Can it be moved there? **
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