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Personally for me that's not enough material to make a tarp with. You'd get the top, 11 foot ridgeline but the sides are just not there. Is there anyway you can find another piece of waterproof material that's the same 11foot length?? Then you could cut that in half and add it to each side of your desert camo fabric. You'd even have enough on the sides to add cat cuts.

Anyways, it's just a thought.... and just about the only one I've had in a while!!

Thanks for the idea, but since I bought the last of the fabric, without finding more at another store, I'm stuck and since there aren't any more around here just driving to the nearest store would be cost prohibitive at this point. I think cutting diagonally and spinning one side around to make a diamond shaped tarp will work for mild weather. I have two full coverage tarps already so I was looking for something smaller.