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    Quote Originally Posted by Knowledgeengine View Post
    Well for the time being I have made a zip line inside my apartment out of the 50 foot tubular webbing. I'll post some pictures before I take it down later, but I need to clean up first.

    I took the 50 foot and ran it between two structual columns and used a descending ring on the webbing to slide, and a baseball bat for the handle. It is a lot of fun, but it is too short of a zip line. Would be cool to have at a campsite, if I had a lightweight handle.

    In all seriousness though, I have done this to help remove some of the initial stretch in the fabric. As everyone has pointed out the nylon stretches, after a few runs down the line it sags, and I tighten it back up.
    Nice idea, but it probably won't work. And this is why: nylon webbing has a low memory stretch. This means that after you stretch it, it doesn't stay there, but goes back to its original size. So once you stretch this webbing it'll do the same. I had the ENO SlapStraps that were made from nylon. And every time I used them, they stretched and strecthed, eventually winding up with my butt on the ground. I appreciate your ingenuity, but in all likelihood it's not going to work. Learn your lesson the hard way if you must, like I did. But don't say we didn't offer alternatives to you. In short, we told you so!
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