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    Newbie looking for some answers...

    Hey, so I have been around only for a couple days and you all seem to be pretty smart about gear. I have a few questions that might come in handy for some of the other new guys too.

    Starting from scratch. Wow I know huh...who is this guy?! lol

    I used to day hike and do camp trips with friends and we all shared gear. Now after years of sitting on my a** behind a computer screen at work, as well for at night...I need to get out. I decided to get back to hiking and camping and photography. However I don't have the gear I need. I have a great 3 season bag that I love and is warmer than I can ever ask for. However I need to build my kit from there. I wont need a tent if I get a hammock/bag.

    I have a check list but if you were to recommend the necessities, what would you suggest. These are the things I know I need to look at.

    Hammock (do they come with everything you need or do I need to add on such as bug netting, fly, and webbing to hang it up)?

    Next most important I know I can get by on fruit, and bars but I obviously would like to make something hot. What kind of stove for a single camper and pots?

    I have boots, and a 2 day backpack (soft). and clothing (layers).

    Besides the normal personal camping stuff any other gear I need to be thinking about?

    Thanks for your assistance! I am gung ho and ready to get out there...when its not so cold. I might do some close by outdoor hammock sleeping to try it while its cold (close to home) to get started.

    Did I ask to much?

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