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    MSH - a near fall and my fix

    I was messing around with my ridgeline last night on the hammock in my basement and I neglected to recheck the marlin spike hitches before reentering my hammock. I just started to put some weight on the hammock and the whoopie sling slid off the MSH and I nearly went down tailbone first. I was fortunate to catch my balance and not hurt myself. I have seen other posts about this danger, but in my singular focus on adjusting the ridgeline length, I forgot to look at the MSH again. So, my solution to this danger is to take the tail end of the tree strap and do a slippery half hitch around the whoopie sling just below the MSH. I believe this will prevent the whoopie sling from slipping around the MSH and save my tailbone from future crashes. I'll attempt to attach a picture to clarify what I am describing.
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