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    Quote Originally Posted by sigma_pete View Post
    - I wouldn't use the hammock ridge line (resting on it or suspended below it) to support the tarp. If you do, the tarp's tension is relieved when you get into the hammock and the sides will sag in too much (even with pull-outs to pick up some of the slack). Suspend the tarp independent of the hammock.

    - I don't know if fabric overlap is really needed along the ridge line. From what others have posted about their torture testing results, they've found the tyvek tape joints are even stronger that the tyvek itself. I personally would rather have the extra tarp width, which allows the tarp to be extended further out from the hammock and/or closer to the ground to minimize air flow under the tarp. Perhaps run tyvek tape on both sides (top/bottom) along the ridge. If you overlap the tape over to the other side by severals inches with zing-it loops embedded under the two sets tape folds, you would have your suspension tie-out points.
    sigma_pete - sounds like hand crinkling is fun for the kids. However, I think I'm gonna just make the tarp and noise be darned. I kind of like the noise, personally. It's almost like a babbling brook; very soothing to me. My other 7'x7' Tyvek tarp just crinkled up from packing and unpacking. It's not noisy at all, but then again, I've used it in the field as a gear tarp for 5 to 10 years (I don't remember where half my gear came from or how long I've had it).

    I will definitely have a separate tarp ridgeline, 2.2 mm Zing-It with knotbones and Figure 9s, using 1.75 mm soft shackle prusiks to attach tarp & Figure 9 to ridgeline. One of these days I'm gonna convert my Hennessy Expedition to whoopies with a separate tarp ridgeline, but that's another project.

    I think I'll take your advice and skip the overlap on the ridgeline. From what I have read, the Tyvek would probably wear out before the tape. Don't know if you've ever handled Tyvek tape, but it is nothing to mess with. Once you tape something it is darn near impossible to get off.

    I thought about grizz beaks, but I like integrated doors. If this tarp doesn't suit my needs for hammock camping, I can always use it as a group/cooking shelter. And if I don't like it for that purpose, I can always just cut it up for other projects. I wish I had more Tyvek, 'cause I'd like to try it out as a hammock overcover or undercover for winter.

    Thanks for some actual input on the question at hand. I was beginning to think the thread was going to turn into a David Letterman "Top Ten Reasons Why Tyvek Is Like Paper" thread. If it did go that way, I would want Rick Perry to present the Top Ten:

    10. Tyvek is white, just like most paper.
    9. Tyvek is flat.
    8. Tyvek can be cut with scissors.
    7. I forget the other seven reasons why Tyvek is like paper. Oops!

    Thanks again for the input!
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