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    Quote Originally Posted by Dannytoo View Post
    Thanks to y'all for such a quick responds. Ok, now what do y'all recommend?
    What kind of hammock are you using?

    Are you backpacking and counting grams or car camping and not too worried about ounces?

    Whoopie slings, toggles and marlin spike and tree huggers are lightweight and a great way to go but there is a slight learning curve.

    Webbing and buckles are a bit heavier and quite simple.

    When going with webbing, go with polyester, not nylon for the reasons mentioned above.

    I have converted my Hennessey Hammock to whoopie slings and tree huggers. I use the same set up on my Nano 7 and my generic hammock. My wife and son like their webbing and buckles on their Blackbirds. My old DIY hammock is simply poly webbing that I tie with a Speer 4 wrap friction knot. MacEntyre posted an instructional video for a Mors Bowline that is another hardware free webbing set up.

    Do you ever get down to Aggieland? I'd be happy to help you out with different types of suspensions.

    Paul is not promoting himself, but click his link to Arrowhead Equipment - He can set you up with whoopie slings if you choose to go that way or webbing if you prefer that, and you can be assured of good service and a good value for your dollar.

    Check out this thread and some of the links on it to give you some food for thought.
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