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    New Forum Feature - Tags

    Hello everyone.

    As some of you have noticed, with the recent forum update there have been a number of new features added to the forum. One of the best and most powerful new features is called 'tags'. To make this feature successful, we need your help!

    Tags are a way to improve our ability to search the forum and all the threads it contains. This is done by associating certain key descriptive words with a thread so that it will be displayed when a search is done for that term. As the number of tagged threads grows, our ability to search through the information, and to organize it in different ways, will grow immensely.

    Tags are added in two ways, and they can be contributed to by any registered user! Everyone should participate.

    The first way to add tags is when creating a new thread. Just below the message text window is a 'Tags text box'. This is where you can type in descriptive words that sum up what the new thread is about. For instance, for a new thread about ridge line cording, appropriate tags might be 'cord, rope, ridge line, suspension'. You can add up to 5 tags when creating the thread.


    Tags aren't limited to being added when a thread is created, though! We all know that the conversation in a given thread can tend to evolve and grow, and as that happens new tags can be added to encompass the expanded topic of the conversation. Again, anyone can help to add the tags! At the bottom of every thread, just above the reply window, is a small field containing all the tags that are associated with that thread. To add new tags, you just click the 'edit' button on the right side of that field and type in a new tag. Simple! Each user can add up to 2 tags per thread.



    So, as you use the forum, please help us to generate our base of tagged threads by using this feature. If you see a thread have a new topic discussed that isn't described in the tags, then tag it. And, if you happen to be going through an old thread with no tags, take a moment to add appropriate tags. If we all pitch in, keep the tags relevant and on point, then this new feature can become a successful and powerful new way to find information. Thanks for your help!
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