yea im with the be prepared for anything croud i make and use my largest turtle tarp which is a 12x11 but i also use a 12ft hammock too so i need the extra length but the 11 or even 10 foot width allows you to pitch the edges almost to the ground that way NO matter what the weather is you and your gear stay completly dry and i feel thats the main objective expecially on long trips also with that size of a tarp it has built in doors that will completly close if you courious about what a tarp like this looks like i have one in my album on here and MANY of the great vendors make tarps like this that will do you right. hope this helps. oh and always use tarp tensioners they make your life SO much easyer and faster setup. also if you go with a larger tarp make sure you get side pullouts to keep the tarp nice and tight also give you more room inside.