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    How many read the book in a hammock?

    So I got Dejoha's book and my new WB traveler 1.7 single in the mail on the same day (yesterday) When all the running around was done for the day, I set up my new hammock, UQ/TQ and tarp in the back yard on my DIY hammock stand. Along with that I brought out my stove and cup and made some tea, snuggled in my downy goodness and read the book until I fell asleep and woke up this morning to about 24mph winds...It rained all night so that drowned out the freeway I live next to. From what I read it has been a great book (I read about half of it last night.)

    So how many have read the "Ultimate Hang" while hanging in there hammock?

    Ya, ya, pics otherwise it didn't happen. Personally I didn't feel like taking pictures in pouring rain and 20+winds this morning...It was, get the down items into the house, and then go back for the hammock and tarp. I'll do pics when it clears a bit more. The wind is gone, but the rain is not. I need to post pics of the DIY hammock stand any way. Just built it last week.
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