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    Question Stupid newbie question - Does the rainfly go inside the snakeskins?

    I have a Hennessey, just got it in the mail yesterday.

    It came with a free set of Snakeskins. Do the cords for both the hammock and the rainfly go thru the snakeskins?

    Does that limit your ability to setup the Rainfly at various heights, or do most people put the Hammock cord and the Rainfly Cord at about the same spot on a tree?

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    You'll find that everyone "hangs their own hammock"...or..."there is no one, true way".

    The only real WRONG way to do it is to stay home and avoid the piney-woods.

    I've got the HH explorer deluxe, and the HH hex 70d.

    I've fit both into the snakeskins, I've put just the tarp, and just the hammock in them.

    Personally, I'm now leaning towards getting another set of skins and keeping each in seperate skins.

    I like being able to skin up my tarp sometimes when the weather is nice so I can lay there and look at the sky.

    I like being able to skin up the hammock under the tarp when the weather is coming gives me more room to sit under the tarp and let the rain fall.

    Try it all out...see what you like.

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    There're various ways to do it, but if you have the standard diamond rainfly, that seems to be the way that the system was designed.

    However, if it is raining, there're two problems with this. Either

    A.) the tarp is in the snakeskins after packing up, still wet and getting the hammock wet as well


    B.) setting the hammock up at the next stay is going to be an issue if it's still raining, since you can't set the tarp up without setting the hammock up.

    Note that this assumes that you have the tarp attached to the stock Prusik clips on the Hennessy's suspension.

    The prevailing long-term solution for this seems to be to get a larger tarp, but since you're working with what you have rather than what you might have in the future, a second tarp suspension might be in order.

    The problem with that is that you're going to have to set the tarp ridgeline up lower than the hammock suspension, in order to get the tarp as close as possible to the hammock. Since there isn't much coverage from the stock diamond tarp, it's going to be a tricky set-up. Others have done it well, and used the standard tarp in heavy weather (most notably, Sgt. Rock using it during a downgraded hurricane back in '01--scroll down to 16 June 2001 for the story), but it requires some advanced site selection to make the most of the tarp's coverage.

    Where possible, you want to be broadside into the wind, with as much foliage windbreak around you as possible. This maximizes the coverage of the tarp, since it covers the sides of the hammock much better than the ends.

    Anyway, welcome to the madness!

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    First off welcome to the madness. 2nd the people here hardly ever think of newbs' questions as dumb. The Hennessy, ahhhh the Hennessy my first hammock! The skins do fit with the hammock all in one, kinda. Then you get a little more used to this hammock deal and find that storing the wet tarp in there too is a no go. Then, then You go to the tarp in the skins and all of the hammock components, top quilt, under quilt, pillow, jammies and hammock get stored into a Bishop bag. That makes take down a breeze and gives you choices in tarp settings. I didn't even take the tarp out of the skins if it looked like no rain. And you can put the separate tarp up on the tree higher for nice weather or lower for a tight hug to the hammock. A wind/rain set( tarp right down touching for a coffin like look from inside) for the Hennessy makes the bottom entry a very good idea. All of this you'll learn over time. Then the sickness will worsen and you are on to bigger, lighter, tarps and more stuff. Don't stop askin questions.
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    I go the other way than Two Tents and use a Bishop Bag for the tarp and 'skins for the Hammock and UQ. If I don't deploy the tarp, I have only a single line overhead that I can hang things from. Sliding the skins down over the hammock/UQ really reduces the chance that some of my gear, (the UQ) is going to get dragged through the mud while I'm trying to set it up or take it down.

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    Like has been pointed out in good weather yes, in wet weather not so much. That is why my first DIY project was tulle tube for the tarp...
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    Which tarp do you have, the standard UL "diamond" tarp? Are you attaching it the "standard" HH way, to the hammock suspension Prussick hooks?

    There used to be a great video at the HH site of the cute girl wrapping the fly and hammock up into the snake skins, all real quick and smooth. And I could do it in just that way, real slick. Most folks feel they could not pack up or set up in the rain with this technique and keep things dry. I don't know, I never got around to trying it. But at some point I talked to a young guy at HH, can't remember who- it was several years ago. He told me that several folks at HH did it just that way, and not only did it work OK, but they actually considered the best way to keep things dry. Of course, it could not really be any better at keeping dry than setting up a tarp- or at least a larger tarp- tied to the trees and THEN setting up your hammock under the tarp. Or, in the pouring rain, putting your hammock in it's dry area and everything in your pack and THEN taking the tarp down LAST. Still, their claim shows that at least some folks like that approach and it works for them.

    Maybe you should play with it (when bail out is safe and easy) and let us know?

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