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    After my email was hacked, I was unable to recieve any word of my order's status. I emailed Adam and Jenny to let them know a forwarding email address to send the shipping confirmation. I followed that up with a quick telephone message. Today I received my shipping confirmation. I appreciate the fact they, though not able to respond to the request, followed through with sending confimation to the alternate email.
    Thank You Hammock Gear!!! All of my quilt needs will be handled by them and maybe a tarp need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ewker View Post
    I was #1101 and still haven't received it.
    You might want to e-mail Adam and Jenny and follow up at this point. I did a couple of days ago and they found there had been a paperwork mix up and had my UQ made but couldn't figure out where it was to be sent. My UQ hung out and visited with them most of last week, but I should get it tomorrow.

    Thanks A&J...I foresee warm hanging in my near future.

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