1. Please contact me via PM. This way I can easily keep track of who contacted me first about the items.
  2. I have a Personal PayPal account. I would prefer to not receive payment by credit card or debit card. I prefer payment by means of PayPal Balance, PayPal Instant Transfer, or PayPal eCheck.
  3. I never leave my gear in the sun. I almost always set-up camp at night (or a few hours before) and break it down in the morning. As you may know, exposure to sunlight will weaken materials.
  4. I always air-dry and air-out my gear indoors before putting it away for storage. My gear does not have funky smells or weird growths on it.
  5. Shipping will be actual shipping. All items will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail in either a $8.95 box or a $12.95 box. Insurance is mandatory and adds about $2.00.
  6. Multiple items will be combined to reduce shipping.

Hennessy Hammock, Ultralite Explorer A-sym: New Price = about $150.00; Used Price = $60.00

  1. I bought this hammock new directly from Hennessy Hammocks without the tarp about four years ago.
  2. It comes with the stuff sack, the snake skins, and upgraded tree huggers.
  3. One of the snake skins has a bit of embroidery on it. This indicates the foot end of the hammock.
  4. The tree huggers are new and made from 1.5 inch webbing purchased from These do not stretch like the Hennessy huggers!
  5. This hammock has been used less than 10 times and is in good shape. It had a slight manufacturing defect that my wife (a high-end tailor for 7 years) fixed better than new. It was repaired after discussing the issue with Tom Hennessy. You should not let this repair scare you away. The hammock is in excellent condition.

MacCat Deluxe: New Price = $115; Used Price = $95.00

  1. The color is grey.
  2. I bought this tarp new about four years ago. I have used it less than ten times. It is in excellent condition!
  3. It comes with custom matching silnylon snakes skins and a stuff sack.

Eureka Gossamer: New Price = (I forgot); Used Price = $40.00:

  1. This tent is in great condition. I used it less than five times.
  2. The seam sealer that I used on it (supplied by Eureka) is a bit flakey which is quite normal. I mostly used the seam sealer to protect the stitches of taped seams.
  3. It comes with a custom made Tyvek ground cloth. This cloth uses the same four stakes that the tent uses and allows the tent to be set-up without ever touching the ground.
  4. Some pictures of the tent:

Magellan Explorist 100: New Price = about $100; Used Price = $45.00

  1. Never used! Like new.
  2. Some pictures of the Explorist and case:

Case for Magellan: New Price = $13; Used Price = $7

  1. Never used. Like new