Hi, first I'd like to say this site is great because I learned a lot about hammock camping. I first tried it last year out of an idea that had pop in my head. I don't like sleeping in tent because I find it uncomfortable and I feel claustrophobic in those things. First experience was awesome in a way. Slept confy like a king and didn't felt the claustrophobia. But in a other way, without the knowledge that you can get here, I was near and hypotermique stage at some point in the night. Shivering inside my sleeping bag. So its good to find out there's ways to stay warm in a hammock.
Anyway after a lot of research and thoughts, Ive decide to go with the hh but can't decide between the dj xl or the explorer ultra lite with zip. Is it really worth paying the extra 100$? Here the main concern is the cold but I intend to get the hhss wathever wich one I decide to choose between. In the same time, over here, around june and july the bug is so present that at dawn and dusk time you can't even stay outside so much there are. Is the explorer will protect me from the bugs? If yes why pay for the extra 100? Except for the double layer that you can put pad inside if the hhss won't do. I know there's some topic on the dj and most people prefer it to the other hh so Ill appreciate some opinions because I can't decide between the two. thanks