With inspiration from TUH (The Ultimate Hang) and a little help from my lovely wife, I decided to try my luck at a gathered end hammock. I didn't want to go full scale with it on the very likely chance that I would mess it up. SO i started with a 3' x 5' piece of 1.9 rip stop. I trimmed off the uneven edges from the fabric store. Folded about 1/2" on each side over and pinned to to make a fray proof (hopefully) edge.

Had my wife sew it up... i've never used a thread injector, didn't wanna ruin hers on my first attempt.

Once the long edges were hemmed, I pinned the ends folded over at four inches...

My son was very interested in helping. I think he knew that this hammock was his sized...

I tied two 18" pieces of 3mm rope together using square knots. I know a double fisherman's knot is recommended, but these aren't going to be supporting much weight. (And i don't know how to tie a double fisherman's yet)

Then, I fished the 18" loops through the 4" gaps my wife sewed and tied them off with a Lark's Head knot. cinched it down and viola! gathered end hammock fit for a toddler!

It's a bit small for him, so we will be stringing it up in his room and using it for his stuffed animals. I can't wait to make one for myself!!!