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    SOLD: Hammock Gear, Blackbird and more!

    So, I've got more of my hammock gear for sale.

    The following (prices) are shipped to the lower 48 US via USPS flat rate.

    (Pending to DemostiX - $125) Warbonnet Blackbird 1.7oz single-layer hammock (with adjustable webbing suspension) - olive green in color, used a total of 4 nights.

    (Sold to cwford - $115) Warbonnet MamaJamba silnylon (olive brown with panel pulls) tarp with (~25ft) Zing-It connected to Dutch Flyz and Hookz using prussiks for super easy setup and adjustability above or below the continous ridgeline. It also includes Jacks R Better Self Tensioning Lines.. All of these extras are worth nearly $60!! Used a total of 4 nights.

    ($115) Hammock Gear 3-Season Crowsnest 3/4 underquilt (pre-cursor to the Phoenix). I believe this is a 40deg. Have taken it down to 23deg, though had cold spots randomly through the night, so wouldn't recommend it for THAT cold of temps. Used for a total of 11 nights.

    Picture of the setup (before I put the quilt on, unfortunately).

    More pics:

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