Hello all. Just thought I would show you all the pictures of the suspension that I put on my hammock. I ended up using straps and ring buckles. I turned out pretty slick, much to my amazment.

The first attempt was a failure which ultimatley ended with me laying on the ground while my wife and kids rolled with glee over the fact that dad just crashed his hammock into the ground!

I started by fastening the rings to the existing line with some heavy duty trott line material that was rated for 235#. I thought that at worst there would only be half of my weight on either end (which is not 235#). Well as it turned out.................... I slightly misjudged.

After collecting what pride I had left, and placing the hampster firmly back on the wheel in my head I returned to the drawing board. then I had a thought, why don't I just put the ring buckles on the lines that are already on the ends of the hammock? That was a brilliant idea! It worked great!

Here is my oldest testing it out (after I did )

Here is a shot of the ring buckles.

I know I'm not breaking any new ground here, and this is nothing earth shattering, but I love it when a plan comes together!

The straps that are in these pictures are not being used any more. They are my good straps for the truck. I purchased some new straps on sale today at Harbor Freight. Once I cut the buckles off of them and stain them they will go into the hammock bag perminantly.

Now I guess it's onto the tarp