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    MY DIY Pack Cover

    First. . . I'm not a DIYer. I do not have the equipment to produce substantial and quality gear on my own accord plus I believe fully in our cottage gurus. I have supported most of them throughout the years.

    However, it is nice to have friends that are DIYers. I bought a "new to me" pack from a HF member (thanks Beep! ) and found myself without a pack cover. Researching my options for what was available, I found that I would be spending about $35 for a cover from most vendors. Then I read about Just Jeff's pack cover and really liked the idea of having multiple uses for this piece of gear. The wheels started spinning and I chatted with my good friend and DIYer, Chickenwing and we discussed the plan.

    Keeping my pack dry was priority #1 and that is followed by keeping my UQs dry. I wanted this "creation" to be a quick fix for either scenario so I decided I wanted to include mitten hooks on each corner of the cover. I have cord locks on each corner as well but I am now thinking 2 cord-locs on opposite corners would suffice. I have used 1/8" shock cord around the perimeter. I am really happy how the cover turned and my extended family got a thorough presentation during Thanksgiving weekend visit.

    I want to express my gratitude to Chickenwing for taking time out from his family to meet with me on Black Friday and creating this great piece of gear. I know he was really looking forward to getting in on all those great shopping deals at the retail stores however I think his wife and 2 daughters sufficiently earn those reward points on his Visa card without his presence there. Also want to thank Just Jeff for posting his directions for the pack cover. Its a great concept for a multi-use piece of equipment.

    Pics attached . . .

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