I finally finished my (hopefully) 20 degree down TQ. I made it JRB No Sniveller (long) style, with a dash of Burrow thrown in. I used 1.1 ripstop, no-see-um mesh, and shock cord from DIY Gear Supply, omni-tape from Arrowhead Equipment, and 800 fill down from a pillow. The only real difference from the No Sniv is the footbox closure, which I used metal snaps for a la the Burrow. Oh, and much shoddier stitching. It weighs 24 oz.

I really wanted a TQ to replace my sleeping bag, which weighs 48 oz. packed and gets me to 20 degrees, but I can't afford one (even with Hammock Gear's black friday sale ). I've made a few things before, but this was my first down project. I spent about $70 making this. The hardest part for me was cutting ripstop in straight lines. I just got a rotary cutter, so hopefully my next project (UQ) will be much easier.

My only complaint is the attachment point on the front of the quilt in serape mode. I used about an inch of omni-tape, and it doesn't cut it. It comes apart with almost no provocation. I considered a snap, but I don't want the hard edges under my shoulders in TQ mode. Any suggestions?

Many thanks to stoikurt's for his wearable quilt instructions and JustJeff's RRG quilt instructions. Very clear and understandable. It's test time in a few days; getting down to the 20's at night here.

Now on to the pics.

I needed proof of concept for the headhole, so I used $1 WM fabric to get dimensions and make a mini version.

Kept him warm.

Finished: Open

Footbox closed:

Aaaaand the glamour shot:

If I wasn't married, the ladies would be all over me in that thing. Who needs Armani?