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    Sewing a cut up comforter to a hammock??

    We have a barn out at my parent's place that used to be a 1 story shed, and my husband made into a gorgeous 2 story building (work is still being done). Anyways the bottom will be his work shop, and the top is for whatever my son and I want it to be. For obvious reason we've chosen it to be a hammock fort

    We got to sleep there for the first time last night. I've been doing some flop experiments with under quilts for colder weather My son did fine....but my butt and shoulders were cold, which just seems to be a continuing problem with my experiments. (Don't bother telling me about down UQ, right now they are out of my price range).

    ....but it got me thinking....

    What I want to know, is if anyone has ever just sewed an old down quilt under the hammock...or any comforter right to the bottom of the hammock? Keep in mind these are primarily stationary hammocks (not the ones we use for camping, I'll have to continue experiments with those), I have several that were inexpensive and surprising quite comfortable. In the warmer months I could take down the sewed up versions and hang up the other hammocks and use our poncho liner uq during those mild seasons.

    Would this work?
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